Christ’s Humility

Our age has been called the Age of Entitlement. We seem to have lost the ability to distinguish between needs and wants. Advertisers frequently urge consumers to grasp at more and more goods because "you deserve it." More

Our expectation of reward seems to be disproportionately high for the effort we put forth to earn it. Certainly everyone deserves the basic rights of human life: food, clothing, shelter, freedom, and peace. But this language of deserving doesn't seem to be applied to these things. It is inevitably appended to the desire for luxuries, honors, and riches. It seems to be designed to appeal to our greed rather than our need.

In context, Paul's statement about humility of Christ stands in stark contrast: "Christ Jesus...did not regard equality with God something to be grasped" (Philippians 2:6). And how did he humble and abase himself? By becoming human, one of us. What could we possibly think ourselves entitled to?

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